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At Western Range and Water (WRW) we take a step by step approach to serving you, always keeping your best interests in mind. Learn more below.

Regulatory Analysis (RA)

This is an environmental and regulatory first cut for any project.  WRW currently completes RAs at two levels, recoinnasance/desktop and permitting.


Reconnaissance Level: is a desktop exercise done with available databases and is used to identify environmental and regulatory issues such as:

  • federal nexus
  • potential water quality issues including:
    • wetlands
    • waters of the US
    • point source and non-point source impacts
    • TMDL, 305(b), and 303(d) listing
  • threatened and endangered species habitat
  • possible archaeological interactions;

and then assess the need and opportunity for avoiding the issues.

Permitting Level: is a more intense data collection effort including field work and is completed to identify regulatory issues in order to define jurisdictional boundaries and develop permit applications.

The RA planning process incorporates inquiries of available databases prior to initiation of fieldwork to identify items that will draw immediate regulatory interest and ensure that these are addressed in field data collection.  This becomes very important in the instance of changing conditions or incorrect data in existing public databases when the issue no longer exists or never did exist.

Vegetation / Habitat

SMALL BLURB HERE WRW provides services for point source pollution permitting and compliance, including (but not limited to):

  • Reclamation success and mapping
    • Including acreage rollover and storm water permit release.
  • Habitat Quality
  • Weed Surveys
  • Integrated weed/pest management plans

Reclamation Plan Development

Effective reclamation reduces costs due to erosion, weed management, and reduces regulatory interest. WRW’s Rangeland Ecologists can provide reclamation plans in compliance with:

  • BLM reclamation policies, including EIS/ROD specific policies
  • Storm water permit requirements
  • Private surface requirements
  • Monitoring

WRW will also assist in implementation, tracking, mapping (GIS/GPS), documenting and Agency reporting .

Storm Water / Non-Point Source WYPDES/NPDES Permits

WRW works in all aspects of storm water permit management and erosion and sediment control management, including:

  • Permit preparation and renewal
  • SWPPP development and maintenance
  • Site monitoring and permit compliance inspections conducted with GPS/ArcPad technology
  • Erosion and sediment control installation oversight and management
  • Stabilization of existing projects as well as sediment and erosion control planning
  • Pre- and post-construction field mapping for SWPPP maintenance
  • Vegetation monitoring for permit termination and reclamation compliance/ monitoring
  • Permit terminations
  • Custom-built storm water permit tracking Geographic Information System (GIS)-based databases

Discharge Permitting / Point Source NPDES Permits

WRW provides services for point source pollution permitting and compliance, including (but not limited to):

  • Water Management Plans
  • Discharge permitting, including:
    • New permit applications
    • Renewals
    • Modifications
  • Water sampling
    • Wells, discharge, and surface water
  • Compliance and reporting
    • Initial monitoring report preparation
    • Exceedance tracking, reporting, and mitigation
    • Discharge monitoring report preparation

Additional Services

WRW has relationships with other professional service providers (Engineers, Archaeologists, Paleontologists, Air Quality Specialists, Attorneys and etc.) and is able to provide complete cradle to grave environmental and regulatory project management.

Surface Water Resources

WRW Team members have experience sampling and monitoring WYPDES/NPDES permitted outfall discharges, lotic and lentic surface waters, and review of WY-SEO water rights and reservoir impoundment regulations.

  • WYPDES/NPDES outfall sampling
  • Surface water sampling

Integrated Geospatial Services

WRW offers an array of geospatial services to maximize project efficiency and achieve the best product possible for our clients, including Custom Cartography, Custom Reclamation Tracking Maps and Tables, Custom Storm Water and SWPPP Tracking Databases, Precision GPS Field Mapping, and more.

  • Custom Cartography, including maps for:
    • Regulatory permits and plans
      • Federal Plans of Development,
      • NPDES permitting,
      • SWPPPs,
      • Wyoming Sage Grouse Core Area planning and compliance
    • Project planning
      • ROW planning to avoid:
        • Threatened and Endangered species habitat,
        • Historically and Archaeologically sensitive areas
      • Field operations
        • Infrastructure mapping
        • As-built documentation
      • Vegetation/reclamation success
        • Reclamation monitoring and
        • Storm water permit maintenance and termination
      • SWPPPs
    • Custom-built reclamation tracking GIS-based maps and attribute tables
    • Custom-built storm water and SWPPP tracking GIS-based databases
    • Precision GPS field mapping, including:
      • Pre-construction field mapping
      • Pre-construction BMP placement
      • Post-construction/as-built field mapping
      • GIS processing and map production of field data
    • Underground line locating – for infrastructure mapping purposes
    • 3D Site Mapping
    • Spatial analysis, including:
      • Sage Grouse Density Disturbance Calculation Tool (DDCT)
      • Habitat modeling of Threatened and Endangered species with use of remote sensing
      • Tracking and analysis of precipitation events for SWPPP inspection schedule compliance
      • Other spatial analysis applications customized by customer and industry need

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