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Streamlined & Thorough, Keeping you within Regulations & Under the Radar

Complete Cradle to Grave Environmental & Regulatory Services

We specialize in regulatory compliance, state and federal permitting, water resource services, vegetation sampling and monitoring, wildlife surveys and habitat assessment, geospatial services, and field inspections for permit compliance. We maintain relationships with other professional service providers (Engineers, Archaeologists, Paleontologists, Air Quality Specialists, Attorneys and etc.) and are able to provide complete cradle to grave environmental and regulatory project management.

Creadle To Grave Project Management

  • Find Out Your Lease Hold
  • Figure out Whether You Have Federarl, STate or Private Fee minerals
  • Aquire an APD from the Oil & Gas Commission and develop and agency prep packages required (wildlife, archealogical surveys etc)
  • Develop SWPPP and NOI and submit to DEQ
  • Put Together Entire Application for Your Permit to Drill
  • Development of the paperwork.

Alreaqdy Have Permit?

  • Look at Reclamation Success
  • Document Success Parameters
  • Storm Water Inspections Until meet Success Parameters
  • Annual BLM Repporting for Storm Water
WRW has extensive water (surface and ground water) sampling and monitoring experience (adhering to both WY-DEQ and WOGCC sampling protocols), vegetation sampling and monitoring, and permit compliance.

We have extensive experience documenting vegetation community characteristics, reclamation, and monitoring of disturbed lands associated with oil and gas development; and have been conducting clearance monitoring required by Wyoming Department of Environmental Quality (WYDEQ) for coverage under the large construction general permit (LCGP) for Storm Water Pollution Prevention Plans (SWPPP) for over a decade.

We developed monitoring and vegetation sampling protocols in coordination with WYDEQ’s Water Quality Division’s (WQD) Wyoming Pollutant Discharge Elimination System (WYPDES) program to expedite the clearance, and termination, of SWPPP monitoring requirements for entire permits, and for segments or areas which have attained the necessary reclamation threshold (“finally stabilized”).


Storm Water / NPDES Non-Point Source Pollution Permit & Field Management

Specializing in all aspects of storm water management, including:
– Permit preparations, renewals, & terminations
– Storm Water Pollution Prevention Plan (SWPPP) development & maintenance
– Site monitoring & inspections, collected with tablet GPS
– BMP installation oversite & management
– Pre- & post-construction GPS field collection & map production
– Vegetation monitoring
– Custom-built storm water permit tracking/SWPPP maintenance geographic information system


– Speed up Reclamation Time
– Reduce Longterm Storm Water Monitoring Costs while keeping your Neighbors & Regulators Happy
– Reduce Regulatory Delays
– Reduces Maintenance Costs
– Prevent Washouts, Maintains a Safe, Stable Work Surface

Discharge / NPDES Point Source Permitting

Offering a full range of point source permit support services, including:
– Permit applications
– Permit renewals
– Permit modifications
– Water Management Plan development
– Water sampling
– Initial Monitoring Report preparation
– Exceedence tracking, reporting, & mitigation
– Electronic Discharge Monitoring Reports


– Reduce Regulary Frustration – We Know the In’s & Out’s And Make Permit Aquisition Timely
– Reduce Costs – know the systems and the people, no learning curve etc…

Geographic Information Systems & Precision GPS Mapping

Offering custom Cartography & Map Production for projects such as:
– Storm Water Pollution Prevention Plans (SWPPP)
– Regulatory plans
– Reclamation plans
– Vegetation & reclamation success
– Spatial anaysis of wildlife habitats
– General field maps for oil & gas


– Increases Efficiency on all aspects of field work, know where you’re going and what you’re doing when you get there
– Effective maps make it easy to understand the spatial relationship between your project and the landscape, as well as other projects near you
– Spatial analysis makes it easier for both the project proponent and the regulator
– Find pins, specific project locations easier and without impact to wildlife, livestock, endangered species or the landscape

WRW integrates GPS/GIS technology into all phases of planning and field work to optimize efficiency in data collection and analysis, to enhance visual depiction and thereby increase understanding and communication with all audiences including regulatory agencies, landowners and the public.

In Need Of Our Services?

Let Western Range and Water do the Heavy Lifting

We’re here to get you on your way to something and compliance.
Let’s take a look at where you are, where you need to be and make a plan to get you there.

Office: (307) 684-8681 Cell: (307) 299-0816


Effective reclamation is necessary for terminating storm water permits and aquiring BLM Application Permit to Drill.

What We Do:

– Develop & Implement Reclamation Plans
– Monitor Reclamation for Success & Agency Reporting
– Oversee Reclamation Implementation


– Reduce Monitoring Costs
– Reduce Agency Attention
– Makes Go Forward Permitting Easier for Subsequent Wells

Vegetation & Wildlife

We’ve got experienced Fisheries & Wildlife Biologists and vegetation specialists on staff to offer the following services:

What We Do:

– Vegetation assessments & monitoring
– Wildlife surveys & yearly monitoring
– Wildlife field habitat mapping & assessments
– Spatial analysis of wildlife habitat
– Weed identification & mapping


We integrate gis and gps into wildlife habitat assessments and surveys.

– Increases the efficacy of the surveys for both vegetation/habitat and occupancy

WRW Team members are familiar with, and have used the methodologies required by the Sage-Grouse Habitat Assessment Framework (HAF), and the density disturbance calculations within designated sage grouse core areas using the WGFD DDCT.

Additional Services

Ag Mapping Services
– Pasture
– Water Rights
– Pin Point Boundaries / Fence Lines
– Wildlife Habitat

Spill Prevention, Control, & Countermeasure (SPCC)
– Inspections & Documentation


– Increase forage use efficiency
– Decrease stock travel to water water development
– Spread range usage
– Fenceline Development & Maintenance Efficiency
– Condition of fences and pastures, what actual carrying capacity is, fence location relative to actual property lines, what condition water facilities are in, maintenance that may need to be done


Western Range and Water (WRW), is here to take care of your projects, keeping within regulations, under the radar and out of the headache.

Contact us today. Let’s take a look at where you are, where you need to be and create a plan to get you there.

Office: (307) 684-8681 Cell: (307) 299-0816